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4A Zeolite Powder4A Zeolite Powder

4A Zeolite is composed of silica and alumina tetrahedron three-dimensional skeleton structure compounds, belongs to the cubic crystal system, cell center is A diameter of 1.14 A hole, it consists of A ring of 8 and six similar can be connected with the cavity, the 8 ring structure formed by free hole diameter is 4.12 A, referred to as the Zeolite 4a.By making Zeolite 4a, it will have mass appeal, once people understand what they have. Our market is going to expand and I need an army of distributors to help! We have all sorts of benefits for you, but you will have to contact me first.

4A zeolite is the major builder of none phosphorus or low phosphorus detergent,which can be used to displace STPP. we have been specialized in 4A Zeolite Detergent for 20 years and have successfully cooperated with P & G, Kao,Liby, Nice etc.

Advantage of 4A Zeolite

1.Softening water
2.Removal of calcium and magnesium ions
3.Can be easily removed on rinsing
4.High exchange capacity
5.Strong Adsorption
6.Used in detergents up to 25-30


Generally packed in 25kg/40kg plastic woven bag or 600kg/650kg jumbo bag with pallet.

The quality index of the 4A zeolite for detergent
Chemical Name: sodium alumino silicate, type A
Molecular Formula: Na2O . AI2O3 . 2Sio2 . 4.5H2O
Appearance: Uniform white and fine powder, free from visible contamination
Crystals: round grain and good fluidity
Item Limits Test Method
igmition loss(800º C,1h) 20±0.5% Q/QZH 01-95.5.4
C.E.C.Caion exchange Capacity   QB/T1768-2003
mgCaCO3/g(dry) 320+10mgCaCO3/g  
C.E.R.:3minutes =170mgCaCO3/g  
C.E.R.:10minutes >/=200mgCaCO3/g  
ph(Suspension 1% 25 º C) =/<11 GB6368 QB/QZH 01-94.5.5
White grade(w=y) >/=97±0.5% GB/TT13176.1
Grain size(micron meter)   Q/QZH 01-94.5.5
D50(Average grain size) 2.1-2.6um  
Less than 4un >/=90%  
Less than 1un =/<1%  
Sive residue(wet sieve) =/<0.3% Q/QZH 01-94.5.6
More than 45um    
Al2O3(dry) >/=35% Q/QZH 01-95.4.5
Bulk density(g/l) 350-500 Q/QZH 01-94.5.9
Crystalline >/=95% X-RAY
Liquid carrying capacity(g/100g) >/=31 Minimixer

Because of the un-controlled of the market product, some one may marketing their product under name of our company, and for the sake of safety, please Do contact us directly. And we don’t have any oversea authorized agent, any one who declare he/ she is our agent is fault. We keep our further legal right reservation.


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