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4A Molecular Sieve Series4A Molecular Sieve Series

4A Zeolite  is white solid powder. A reticular structure, with uniform pore, pore size of 0.42 nm, specific surface area is about 600 m2 / R, insoluble in water and organic solvent, can dissolve in alkali and acid. Heating exceeds 800 ?/SPAN>, recrystallization form white silica shape of structure.

The molecular sieve powder have the effective performances of adsorption and selectivity.We supply verious kind of Molecular sieve,such as type A,X,and Y crystal structure,and it is suitable with application of insulating glass desiccant,refrigerant desiccant.

Huiying Chemical Industry (QuanZhou) Co., Ltd. has been actively involved in development and production of zeolite products for more than 19 years. We continue to provide verious kind of zeolite products for our customers.

The aperture of 4a molecular sieve is 4A that couldn’t adsorb any molecule greater than 4a(including dimethylmethane).4A molecular sieve is one of maximum varieties volume. Mainly use in natural gas, liquid desiccant and H2O, NH3, H2S, CO2, SO2, CO adsorption. Widely use in ethanol dehydration.

4A Molecular Sieve
 Chemical Formula 
White Powder
 Water Adsorbance%
 CO2 adsorptive value%
Ignition on Loss%(575º C 1h)
Bulk Density
1. Deeply Drying for air,natural gas,rare gas,refrigerant(R12、R22);
2.Static Desiccant for drug packaging,electronic component etc.
3.As dehydrator of paint,fuel and coating.

Specification of zeolite molecular sieve powder
Type Specification 3A Molecular Sieve 4A Molecular Sieve 5A Molecular Sieve 13X Molecular Sieve
Chemical formula K7.2Na4.8[(AlO2)12 NaO.Al2O3. Ca4.5Na3[(AlO2)12 NaO.Al2O3.
(SiO2)12]m H2O SiO2.4.5H2O (SiO2)12].m H2O 2.5SiO2.6.2H2O
Color &Shape White &powder White &powder White &powder White &powder
Cryctalline ~100% ~100% ~100% ~100%
Absorbed water >/=25 >/=27 >/=28 >/=32
Absorbed CO 2%     >/=22.5 >/=22.5
 Ignition =/<22 =/<22 =/<23 =/<24
 PH5% =/<11 =/<11.5 =/<10.5 =/<11.5
 Cl-(%) =/<0.2 - =/<0.2 -
 K2O(%) >/=13      
 K2O/Al2O3(%) >/=40      
 CaO(%)     >/=13.5  
CaO/Al2O3(%)     >/=70  
Bulk density  0.5 0.4 0.6 0.4
 Use Used in dehydration of ethylene,propylene and ethanol Used in dehumidification of oil-gas Used in air-purification and PSA Used in purification of air with air separation equipment, and separation of gas or liquid
Determination of in the RH = 50% and under 25 º C in the amount of water per 100 grams of adsorbent.

Because of the un-controlled of the market product, some one may marketing their product under name of our company, and for the sake of safety, please Do contact us directly. And we don’t have any oversea authorized agent, any one who declare he/ she is our agent is fault. We keep our further legal right reservation.


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