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Synthetic ZeoliteSynthetic Zeolite
Huiying Chemical Industry (Quanzhou) Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of high quality 4a zeolite powder,synthetic zeolites,3a 4a 5a 13x molecular sieves powder.We have exported high quality 4A Zeolite powder,Synthetic Zeolite detergent grade,3a 4a 5a 13x Molecular sieve powder,synthesis zeolites,zeolitas,zeolith,high quality zeolites,top zeolites for about 20 years.We have successfully cooperated with P & G, Liby, Nice, Kao, who used our high quality 4A Zeolite powder in their detergent powder products.
At precent,We export 4A Zeolite powder for detergent raw material to USA,Japan,Indonesia,India,Taiwan,Bangladesh etc.
Benefits of High Quality 4a Zeolite Powder
·Can be easily removed on rinsing
·Used in detergents up to 25-30%
·Unwanted water soluble dirt molecules gets absorbed on them
Because of the un-controlled of the market product, some one may marketing their product under name of our company, and for the sake of safety, please Do contact us directly. And we don’t have any oversea authorized agent, any one who declare he/ she is our agent is fault. We keep our further legal right reservation.

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