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What's the 4A zeolite meaning?
Time:2013-11-5 10:53:53  Views:13
4A zeolite is composed of silica and alumina tetrahedron three-dimensional skeleton structure compounds, belongs to the cubic crystal system, cell center is A diameter of 1.14 A hole, it consists of A ring of 8 and six similar can be connected with the cavity, the 8 ring structure formed by free hole diameter is 4.12 A, referred to as the 4 A zeolite.4 a zeolite is a kind of non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, good white powder, have stronger calcium ion exchange capacity, on the environment pollution-free, is instead of sodium tripolyphosphate ideal without phosphorus detergent builder, surface adsorption capability, is an ideal adsorbent and desiccant.
4A Zeolite powder combined with calcium and magnesium ions speed is slower than the sodium tripolyphosphate, and with the combination of magnesium ions ability is weak. But Molecular sieve powder can be a small amount of harmful heavy metal ion in aqueous solution (such as Pb2 + and Cd2 +, Hg2 +) can easily remove quickly, to purify water quality has very important significance. The adsorption of surfactants - liquid function: due to the cavity of 4A Zeolite crystal structure, combined with particle has a large specific surface area, so the 4A molecular sieve adsorption performance is very strong.
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